Advisory & Consulting

We analyze your situation and recommend solutions. Your team executes as we guide.

“It is not enough for a professional to be right: An advisor’s job is to be helpful.”

– inspired by David H. Maister’s wisdom 

Truly Sustainable Products Development

We developed products for our clients designed for sustainability and deeply rooted in their brand identity. We go deeper than everyone else in the industry to create truly sustainable products without greenwashing. We offer a complete product development solution from prototyping to packaging. 

Climate-friendly Cafe Consulting

Coffee can be a solution to the climate crisis if managed well. We understand the entire coffee value chain from growing coffee plants to roasting to serving till discarding spent coffee grounds. If you already own a cafe or are planning to start one, we can help make it truly climate-friendly. 

Climate-friendly Operations Strategies for Small and Medium Businesses

We have helped business executives implement socially and environmentally responsible business operations to solve today’s climate crisis. A few projects include but are not limited to:
  • Eliminating energy-draining halogen bulbs for business operations.
  • Implementing an efficient waste segregation system.
  • Transforming existing processes into green ones.
Do you already manage or run a business, and would you like to improve your operations to create positive impacts while making profits? We love that as we specialize in that. Get in touch with us to transform some (or all) of your operations into green ones!

Ideas to Impact: Green Business Consulting & Mentorship

We have helped social entrepreneurs and ecopreneurs develop their ideas into functioning businesses that create positive impacts. If you have a great idea that you think will solve today’s climate crisis and would like coaching and mentorship from business experts, congratulations, you arrived at the right place. Get in touch with us to kickstart your change-making journey! 

Our Clients

Social entrepreneurs and ecopreneurs who put quality first and offer truly sustainable solutions to their customers.